Life is a path that stumbles towards its purpose, so let's enjoy the journey.

In this black and white photo, a young college girl strolls down a street in Philadelphia riddled with trees, bushes, and the glass doors of restaurants. Her hair flows out behind her, and she is wearing a floral tank top with sunglasses resting on her head, shorts, and sandals. Backpack straps peak out from under her hair. She looks out towards the road on the rightside of the photo, but the subject of her curiousity is a mystery.

Let Me Introduce Myself

Elana Valentin, UX/UI designer of two years and running.

Highly adaptable, organized, and focused are just some of the traits that drive my quality-over-quantity approach to projects. I am an overachiever by fault, have an eye for subverting expectations to keep things fresh, and tune my quiet personality toward being keen listener because I think you can learn something from everyone.

My aesthetic? Sleek, immersive, and popping with selective color choices.

What I Do

Portfolio and Skills

A row of columns stretches out ahead of the photographer, with shadows striping the worn, beige stone of the pathway. The architecture's most prominent feature is the distinct  45 degree leaning of the columns and righthand wall towards the righthand side.
A photo of a garden in Spain, focused on a fountain bubbling with seemingly cool, fresh water. The shadows and light create the illusion of greenish-white ripples against the beige-grey stone. Framing the fountain is an arc of thick, dark green foliage that showcases the vibrant garden in the back. The hedges and flowers line the pathway of old stone and still water.
A photo of a narrow alleyway in Spain that can barely fit two people walking side by side. An iron railing is practically pressed against the right side of the makeshift path, only interrupted by the occassional door. The buildings look solid, but worn from age. The beige stones are covered in wires, pipes, and windows facing other beige, stone walls. Above, the sunshine is so bright that the sky appears white.
A photo taken in a shaded corner of a garden focusing on a beige building in Spain tucked away behind an enclove of lush, green trees. A decorative maze of hedges wraps around smaller plants in smooth arcs, highlighted by the rays of the midday sun. The sky is so clear and bright that it is practically white.

Web Design

Content Writer

Freelance Editor

Print Design

Graphic Design

App UI

Multi Media


(of art, education, etc.) using more than one medium of expression or communication. "a multiamedia art form"

(of computer applications) incorporating audio and video, especially interactively.


The beauty of my work is that all of my skills overlap. Constantly. But for the sake of brevity, these are the most prominent examples.

Design, Function, and the Total Experience

It's a given that websites should be functional. Web designers know that their sites do not have the luxury of a customer's patience. On the other hand, attracting a customer to the site is also crucial to the success of a site, and the longevity of the visit.

Aesthetics are also a blend of form and subjectivity, believe it or not. It's like moulding clay or sculpting ivory into a statue, and transforming raw materials (or in this case code) into a piece with personality. Something that evokes the very life we adore. Similarly, it is important to consider and then highlight multiple dimensions of the product in order to generate that more organic personality for the user. The details become more important: use of color, when to juxtapose elements, simulating texture, how to break the rules of design to provoke intrigue and memorability. Aesthetics become the conversation between your product, your brand, and the user - an experience underestimated by designers every day.

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